Not a simple website for an unusual tattoo parlor. Website for the best in Kiev tattoo art Studio
To implement this project, all specialists were involved: from project Manager to SEO optimizer, from front-end developer to Backend developer. Our experts have analyzed the websites of similar subjects, and was compiled the optimal structure for the website. After that, the work began to boil.

The design solution was made in the standard black color for this sphere. This is not surprising, since the main color in tattoos is black. Working with this Studio was easy and convenient, we wanted to show not just the skill of artists, but also their attitude to work, the conditions in which they work. After all safety and health of the client for them the main thing. This is displayed in their Studio.

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We are proud of our work on the implementation of this project and the result that we received at the output. This is a unique, stylish and bright design that has bypassed many competing websites in the tattoo industry. For the most comfortable movement around the website, was specifically designed usability structure.

We use:

Separately, we want to highlight the quality and speed of the resource. The organization of the team's activities was carried out according to the modern scrum methodology, and obviously it was the right decision. We can rightly say that we have made the best website for the best Kiev tattoo art Studio.

After the development and completion of the website, the project was not closed, there was still an advertising campaign in the form of SEO and SMM promotion. Both channels were set up by our experts, but at this stage of promotion everything was not as smooth as we would like, because first Yandex changed the algorithm for issuing search queries, and then it was blocked on the territory of Ukraine. In the future, and SMM channel Vkontakte was also unavailable. But it only stimulated our team and all the forces were transferred to the promotion in Google and Facebook. The result was the receipt of new proposals' every day.

The project was developed and completed in December 2016.

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